I’m a big believer in small beginnings. When I met Fayamo Fataw I knew he was talented. He rarely praised himself or his works. He always felt they were not good enough and that he could make them better despite how pleasing it was to the eye but he believed in himself. When I met him he was drawing students but today he is drawing Presidents. He is a great inspiration to myself and I’m very humbled and proud to meet and know people like him. I believe his works will leave a legacy someday. I believe we will talk about him like D’vinci, Angelo and Picasso someday. Knowing Fayamo one thing I have come to believe is to is to believe in anything I do and I will surely make it and that I should never stop raising the bar for myself and i will go far. 
These were happy moments for the Former President John Agyekum Kuffour when we presented these gigantic portraits of himself to him. It was unforgettable.

With Naj Ubarb decided to build Big TimeX soon to tell the stories of young inspirational African leaders so please follow. #Wekplace #BigtimeX#inspiratiudos

Kudos to the Innovate Studios team. Great work guys. So much respect for the team. Kudos to Fayamo Fataw

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