Raised $100K with a business valuation of $1m in Accra, Ghana at age 25 years.

When you meet the two people I’m writing about today, you’ll know why they say don’t judge a book by it cover. Last year at age 25 Isidore Kpotufe and Alan Akakpo raised $100,000.00 (USD 100K) from local Ghanaian investors with $1,000,000.00 (USD 1m) business valuation here in Accra, Ghana for their business Westcape.

Meeting Alan and Isidore they seem like normal random guys but you’ll notice there is something unique and different about them something different from the everyday young entrepreneur you may encounter. The pattern in which they think, their approach of teamwork, their way of brainstorming and their execution approach are key characteristics you’ll notice on the first day of encounter with them.

There was a time I had several issues with taking my business online I just didn’t know how but they developed my mind towards moving my business in a more technological way that I never pictured… It wasn’t deliberate but a gradual process that I didn’t even imagined myself. The brainstorming, idea development and execution they introduced to me was beyond my imagination.

We are all youngsters but these guys are senior youngsters I love and respect so much. They have developed Westcape to transform the Ghanaian business industry. They have developed what I call “google” for the financial services industry, search engine for the freelance industry and a platform to build business sites.

Many African young entrepreneurs complain about the lack of investments but after I met Isidore and Alan I noticed we as young African entrepreneurs are just not planning well enough, we are just not executing well enough, we are not being strategic enough.

These are the guys we must learn from, these are guys we must be talking with, these are the guys we must be thinking with. Some people say Geniuses are born, others say geniuses are made, I say Geniuses are those with geniuses around them.

Interestingly these are the people we don’t talk about or share their stories for others to learn from but these are the people I want us youngsters to emulate and learn from. These are people we must believe in. These are the business guys we must use their product. Visit www.westcaper.com to know what I’m talking about be cause to raise $100,000.00 at $1,000,000.00 business valuation is no joke but mind development, strategy and hard work. Please share to inspire somebody.

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