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Workplace Maternity Protection

Maternity protection allows women to successfully combine their productive and reproductive roles without compromising one at the cost of another. Similarly, it protects women from marginalization/discrimination in the labor market. What are ILO Conventions...


Work Place – Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment at the workplace? Sexual harassment can occur in any workplace, from a factory to an office to a shop to a school. Whether the offense is made by a manager,...


Workplace – Fair Treatment

Equal Pay The Constitution of Ghana recognizes the right to fair remuneration and equal pay for work of equal value. In accordance with the Labour Act, every worker should receive equal pay for work...


Funding for business

Wouldn’t you love to have a few million dollars to start your business? Me too! With a great idea and a great business plan, you probably feel almost entitled to get the funding you’re seeking. The reality, though, is...


Naming Your Business

Why a business name is so important The first step any business owner makes in the checklist of “to do” items when starting a business is the selection of a business name. The right...