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5 Principles Of A Good Startup Name

The process of naming your startup is similar in a way to choosing a name for a baby. You’re going to be very emotionally invested, have very strong opinions, and it will be near impossible to take an objective approach. Just like you would with

Her Brush With Business

As a teenager, Mabel Ledwaba turned her bedroom into a beauty parlor. Today, her brand has made a mark on the local beauty industry. An 83km drive to the  industrialized Vanderbijlpark in the southern parts of Johannesburg presents an undulating green and brown landscape. In

Southern Nigerian angel network makes first investments

Nigeria’s South/South-East (SSE) Angel Network has made its first two investments since launching in the middle of last year. Disrupt Africa reported in June on the launch of the SSE Angel Network, aimed at boosting investment and mentoring opportunities for startups in the South-South and South-East regions

Expert team plots global expansion for SA startup FlexClub

A product focused on the gig economy, a team steeped in expertise in the taxi-hailing space, and now US$1.2 million in seed funding. South African startup FlexClub seems set for significant growth. Formed in November of last year, FlexClub is a managed marketplace that simplifies investing in